{Happy Australia Day} Greeting Cards 2017

Happy Australia Day Greeting Cards 2017: It is that time of the year when everyone is sending happy australia day greeting cards to their friends and loved ones. The importance of this special day has evolved over the decades. The celebrations go back to 1808 and the actual day goes back to 26th January 1788. The happy australia day 2017 greetings are also seen as commemoration of the formation of the Federation in 1901, when modern Australia came into existence. This is the national day of celebration and unity. And it was eventually in 1935 when Australia Day was adopted by all the states and territories, leading to the popular tradition of greeting cards australia day given out to friends, family and others. Interestingly, it was in 1994 that Australia Day became a public holiday across the nation. Yet australia day ecards were already in trend by this time. The special day especially picked up widespread popularity and gradually led to all the territories and states celebrating the public holiday in unification for the first time. According to a study more than a decade ago from now every 2 in 3 respondent claimed that they celebrated Australia Day in one way or the other. And today the celebration involves sharing greeting cards australia day 2017 with friends, family and loved ones.

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Besides giving away happy australia day 2017 cards, there are many other ways people celebrate the occasion. This includes sports competitions, outdoor concerts, festivals, community barbecues, and splendid fireworks. These events are organised at community levels across the nation. In fact, there is an official body in the form of National Australia Day Council that presents the official events across states, territories and the local committees. The occasion has become so popular that people can also find free ecards australia day 2017 to send to each other.

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{Happy Australia Day} Greeting Cards 2017

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