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Australia Day Food Ideas - Australia Day Food Traditions: Australia Day is a time for celebrating the nation, its history and its diversity. One of the best things about the occasion is getting together with friends and family and sharing australia day food traditions. There are so many treats that can make your Australia Day celebrations much more special along with all the other activities.

Here are some of the popular australia day food ideas for you to make your Australia day even more special:

· Lamingtons: When it comes to a sweet treat for australia day lunch or dinner, lamingtons are hard to beat. You could prepare a wide range of simple recipes ranging from cherry lamingtons to mocha chocolate. Lamington roulade is another version of the traditional australia day food. There are also sugar- and gluten-free lamington recipes for kids to keep the Australia Day celebrations healthier.

· Pavlova: There is nothing more Aussie than this dessert and it doesn’t always have to be lots of australia day cooking. Anyone can prepare it using fresh fruits. Even kids can try their own variety using the seasonal fruits.

· Tim Tam Cake: This is another australia day lunch ideas that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. It I also a traditional Australian sweet treat that can brighten up anyone’s day.

australia day food ideas

There are so many other australia day drinks and foods to make the day a treat for your family and friends. Peach melba recipe is a delicious and beautiful addition to the celebrations, and so is mango melba. Then there is the macadamia muesli, the perfect way to begin your Australia Day. Fruit flag, koala cake pops, classic Australian damper, and Aussie macarons are some of the other australia day food traditions you cannot afford to ignore. There are so many recipes you can prepare and enjoy with friends and family on this special day.

australia day food 

australia day food traditions

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australia day lunch ideas

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