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Austraila Day Songs, Poems, Memes, Videos, Graphics, Art, Speech, Slogans, Words, Printables: Hello! Folks. Here I am back with yet another exciting post about australia day songs. The national celebration of Australia is just few days away. 26th January is celebrated as Australia Day every year in Australia. People celebrate the big day in their own ways via games, poetry, dances and singing songs. So here we are back with another cool idea to celebrate the australia day with our much awaited poems. Under this roof you  get more than 30 thousands australia day memes. Visit all  and then Choose wisely your favourite australia day background. Yes, we also have Australia Day background in store for you lovely  people out there. Also we have australia day video. That's not more than enough. The list has a lot more than that. You get australia day printables which you can use for decoration purpose or for the purpose of keeping them inside your books. The beautiful australia day graphics are also available here which at going to make you crazy if you love graphical apps. So scroll down and go through all the australia day art. Express your love and warm wishes to your near and dear ones with our aaustralia day words. Also you get more than 10 australia day speech. The australia day slogans are surely going to take away your breath.

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The white fella came in big boats back in 1788
He liked our land and all the things to see
But he didnt like me and my family
We were just dumb black fellas
Driven deep into the outback we gathered
But it wasnt too long that theyt came hunting
and this time we fought back but they had spears that went crack

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